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Next Move 3 Active Teach

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A four-level course for teenagers. The ideal guide for their language learning journey from first steps to last. Following a path of 21st Century Learning, the carefully structured, multi-level approach inspires teenage students to reach new heights fully prepared for their NEXT MOVE.

This four-level course allows students to use twenty-first-century skills to expand their knowledge across the curriculum and positions the learning of English within a framework of culture and citizenship. It provides students and their teachers with a range of dynamic, new digital and print materials for use in class and at home. The rich combination of online, offline and digital content creates an environment that is fun, fast-moving and familiar for students who are digital natives. And for their less digitally native teachers, or digital tourists, it provides a user-friendly tool which enhances the teaching experience.

Next Move embraces an holistic approach to the education of today's students. It provides them with a solid grounding in core knowledge of the English language combined with crucial twenty-first-century skills.
Within the context of twenty-first-century themes, students develop the essential skills for success in today's world, such as creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

We now live in a technology and media-driven environment, with access to an abundance of information, students need to be skilled not just in manipulating the technological tools with which to do the research but also in analysing and evaluating the information they discover.

The clear, classroom-based methodology incorporates the concept of multiple intelligences as outlined by Howard Gardner in 1983 thereby encouraging every child, whatever their learning style, to develop both their cognitive and language skills, to be educated in the round.


Leidimo metaiPearson
SudėtingumasB1 (Intermediate)

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